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Hi Folks,

Just a quick note to all our customers.

Should you have received a candle for an upcoming Christening, Wedding, First Holy Communion or Confirmation; With the ongoing Covid-19 crisis we understand that your event will be most likely postponed. Please be reassured that Jennies Candles will have no problem in remaking the candle for you. We do ask that you hold onto them until you get the new date for the occasion. If you wish to contact us via email or phone please do so. As we are a family business we will be working normal hours in our workshop.

Keep Safe.

Regards Jennie & Padraig

Welcome to Jennies Candles where we offer you a full range of personalised and bespoke candles for all occasions. All our candles are hand poured and decorated in our workshop in Sligo while your details are sealed and protected within the candle. In 2015 we added a unique range of Heraldic Wedding Stationary to our range of products so do not forget to visit our sister site.

For 2017 we have added several new designs to our current selection while we will have additional variations coming online over the coming months. We have also added a selection of bases.

Among Jennies Candles new designs are the Opulence Golden and The Diamante Rose Wedding Candles.

The Opulence Golden design is a mix of Gold and Pearl decorations with beaded sprays inter spread between them.

Due to demand we have also added a new product category: Diamante Range. The first of the new range is our Diamante Rose candle with a matching base.

Finally, in addition to the new designs we have also created a new selection of bases to choose from.

In 2016 we added 3 designs to our Diamond & Pearl Range and we added to that for 2017 with  more to follow.

We uploaded the first 2 designs of our Antique Range and added 2 designs to opulance-in-gold-aCeltic Range including our new Celtic Ogham candle.

The most recent additions to our Christening / Baptismal range include the Border with Chalice. Scroll with Rosebuds & Cross with Dove diamante-rosesin Border.

Just added a page featuring our full range of Base / Stands


Confimation Group Jennies Candles

Confirmation Candles

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First Holy Communion Candles

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Pre-Set Candles

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Christening / Baptism Candles


 Don’t forget to check out our site for Wedding Invitations:

Where we specialise in Family Coats of Arms & Family Crests.

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