Verses Christenings / Baptism

Verses suitable for Baptism and Christenings.

Verses can be placed on our Large & Medium sized Baptism and Christening candles.

Should you wish to supply your own verse / poem / quote please include the text for it with the personalised details for your candle.

You can also amend the text by changing a line or two or even just a word on any of of our selection if you wish.

When we email you a proof we will include a choice of three fonts, should you wish to use another font that you have in mind please let us know.

Also let us know if you would prefer the to have the word Christening or Baptism on the candle (s).


You are a precious gift to us
sent from God above.
He placed you in our loving arms and
blessed us with your love.
May you always walk with Jesus –
live your faith in all you do.
Treasuring God’s love –
the way we treasure
the priceless gift of you.


God bless this little baby
On their happy christening day
And guide those footsteps carefully
Along their future way,
God grant this child may grow in grace
In Christian faith and love,
God fill this house with many joys
And blessings from above.


You’ve been a special blessing
Since the day that you arrived
Bringing so much happiness
And filling hearts with pride
And now on your christening day
This brings a special prayer
That God will always keep you
In the shelter of His care.


Lord, bless this tiny infant
Who is brought to You today.
And teach those precious little feet
To follow in Your way.

Lord, bless the baby’s parents, too,
And with your loving care
Grant them all the happiness
A family can share.


May God grant you always
A sunbeam to warm you,
A moonbeam to charm you
A sheltering angel
So nothing can harm you.
Laughter to cheer you
Faithful friends near you,
And whenever you pray
Heaven to hear you.


Our New Baby Girl
Is a gift beyond measure
A wonder to hold
And a lifetime to treasure

With ten perfect fingers
And ten tiny toes
Two bright eyes
And a sweet little nose

She’s clothed in pink
And destined for pearls
She’s a princess at heart –
Just like all little girls

Now part or our family
She’s our little dove
This bundle of joy
Has all of our love.


Our New Baby Boy
Is a gift beyond measure
A wonder to hold
And a lifetime to treasure

With ten perfect fingers
And ten tiny toes
Two bright eyes
And a cute little nose

Wrapped up in blue
This bundle of joy
A smile to melt hearts
Has our little boy

Now part or our family
Like him there`s none
This rascal, this prince,
Is our little son


This is a very special day
In your baby’s life
And in yours too …

Treasure and share the memory
Of this joyous occasion
In the years to come.



A wee bit of heaven
Drifted down from above;
A handful of happiness
A heartful of love.
The mystery of life
So sacred so sweet;
The giver of joy
So deep and complete.
Precious and priceless
so lovable too;
The worlds’ sweetest miracle
Baby, Is You



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