Preset Candles

We are delighted to finally bring you our new range of preset candles.

We pour the candle around a heat resistant glass insert, this insert then becomes part of the candle and will not heat the surrounding wax.

This means you can continuously light your candle without fear of ever burning it down or damaging the external artwork.

Our pre-set candles unique to Jennies because we make them only for our customers.

Sample images.

Preset 6

As you can see from the image below if look at the image face on you cannot see the difference between a pre-set candle or a wicked candle.


Preset Candle, Floral Wedding CandlePreset Candles Preset CandlesWhen viewing the candle from the front

it appears as a regular wicked candle








The glass insert means a nice clean candle all the time, once you have burned the current tealight simply dispose of it and place a new one within the insert.


Preset Candles Family Coats of Arms

Tips for using the our preset candles.

  1. When replacing the tea light make sure the new tea light fits neatly within the glass insert. Make sure it is not rising above the candle and leave space between the foil and the glass.
  2. Do not remove the foil from the new tea light, it means you will be leaving unnecessary residue within the glass insert, you will then have to clean out the insert which if you leave the foil on you will not have to do.
  3. Do not force the new tea light into the insert, if you have to it means it is too big and could damage your candle. Ideally use a similar size tea light to the original one.
  4. Avoid over burning, most tea lights burn for between 2 – 4 hours, some even longer, we recommend burning for periods of an hour or less.
  5. Remember to never leave lit candles unattended.
  6. It is best to avoid burning scented tea lights.