Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions.

We’ve put together a list of the most common questions we’re asked. If you what you want to know isn’t here, please feel free to e-mail us with your query.

  • What is preset?
  • Why do we preset?
  • Where do you ship to?
  • How much is shipping?
  • Do I have enough time?
  • What range of colours do the flowers come in?
  • What range of colours do the candles come in?
  • What range of colours do you provide for text?
  • Can I change the wording or verse?
  • How much are the wooden bases?
  • What sizes are the candles?
  • Do we offer discount?
  • Do we do corporate orders?

What is preset?

When we preset our candles we actually pour the candle itself around a heat resistant glass insert. This means you cannot burn the candle down as it is not wicked through. Once the nightlight / tealight is burnt out simply insert a new nightlight / tea light. Only our flat top candles come preset. To see images of our preset candles please click here.


Why do we preset?

Several people contacted Jennie after they had lit their candles once too often asking her could she build them up again. With preset if things get a little amorous during your 20th wedding anniversary and you forget to blow your candle out, when you check it the following morning the night light will have burnt out and your design will still be on the candle, and you will have enjoyed your anniversary.

Where do we ship to?

We ship to most countries. Send us an email and we will tell you how much the order will cost you, including shipping, in your currency.


How much is shipping?

All orders priced 30 Euro or more include next day delivery by courier within Ireland. We will send you a text a day prior to delivery once you have given us a mobile number; please ensure that somebody will be at the delivery address you supplied as your parcel will have to be signed for.


Do I have enough time?

Wedding orders take approximately 3/4 weeks, christening orders 1/2 weeks. Our busiest time is January through to September, we like as much time as you can afford to give us in that period. However we get at least 3 to 4 last minute orders a week that we allow for. If you are not sure please contact us by email or telephone and we will do our best for you. If you have very little time, please stay with the design on offer within the site. Custom design can take a while.


Colour of flowers?

We purchase most of the basic colours. We dye the rest to suit your needs. If it is an unusual shade, a sample is always appreciated, either by email or post.


Colour of candles?

As our specialty is wedding we stay with the classics; White, Ivory and CreamTo view these colours please click here. If it is a large order we might consider dying our candles a different colour.


Colour of Text?

We prefer to stay with a black text as it displays best on the candles. However, if you do wish a different colour please ask us, but do stay with a rich dark colour. Pale blues, yellows, pinks and the like would not show up very well on your candles.


Can I change the wording or verse?

Yes. So long as we can fit it on the candle, you just supply the wording and a different verse. Do not forget to check out our selection of verses; you may find your verse is already there.


How much are the wooden bases?

The cost of the bases vary, it depends on the size of the candle.

The small wooden base: €3.50 this sizes is suitable for the small and medium sized candles.

The standard wooden base: €5.00 this size is suitable for all standard sized (peaked or flattop candle).

The large wooden base: €7.00 is suitable for the large candle. All our stands are hand-turned in a part of our own workshop.

When you order a set of family candles, or a unity candle with a memorial / remembrance candle the stands are made from a single piece of timber so they all match.


What sizes are the candles?

To see the candle sizes that are available please click here.


Do we offer discount?

Yes on large orders we do offer a discount. However all our favours are hand poured so we are limited on what we can offer. If your order is in excess of 80 favours and a medium set of candles please ask us and we will let you know the best we can do. Please do not ask for a reduction in costs if you are asking for a last minute order.


Do we do corporate orders?

Yes we do. Please contact us by email or phone for more information.


If you have a question you do not see here then please fell free to contact with us with your query.


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