Candle Bases Stands

This is our current selection of candle bases stands for our candles.

All timber bases featured here are cut to fit our full range.


Tiered Timber Bases ( Small 8cm x 2cm. Standard 10cm x 4cm. Large 15cm x 5cm) Please note all dimensions for the timber bases are approximate.


Tiered Timber Bases


Hessian and Lace Timber Base


Corded Tan Ribbon Timber Base


Gold or Silver Filigree Timber Base



Silver and Gold Banded Diamante Timber Base



silver-with-gold-band-diamante-on-timber-all-sizes Silver Diamante with Gold Band on Timber


Candle Bases Stands Diamante and Beaded on Glass Standard Wedding Size and Large Christening.

The three bases / stands featured below fit our B and C candles which are our Standard Wedding Sizes and Large Christening.

( Dimensions: 10cm x 10cm x 1.5cm)


Diamante and Beaded on Glass


Gold Diamante on Glass


Black Beaded on Glass


Silver Diamante on Glass

Candle Bases Stands Diamante and Beaded on Glass Small

The three bases / stands featured below fit our D and E candles which are our Medium and Small Christening sizes.

( Dimensions: 7.2cm x 7.2cm x 13.3cm)


Diamante and Beaded on Glass


Silver Diamante on Glass

Candle Bases Stands Holders

Black Beading on Glass

Candle Bases Stands Holders

Gold Diamante on Glass

Some of our designs are available for all sizes while others suit certain sizes. If you are unsure please fell free to contact us via email / phone / mobile

A note on the Timber bases: You can if you like request a certain type of timber or wood or even a colour / shade and we will do our best to accommodate you. However we cannot guarantee that your preference will be available so it is best if you do make a request ask for a Medium Shade to Light or a Medium Shade to Dark.


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