About Us

Welcome to Jennies Candles. We offer you a full range of handmade personalised wedding candles. Handcrafted and individually decorated, each candle is unique. Designed by you, the customer incorporating a wide range of Floral, Heraldic or Celtic designs, choose the colours, decorations and wording you desire.

Jennie offers you the choice of having your flat topped candles either standard wicked or pre-set with a night light, so you may burn your candle without fear of damaging the decorative work. With the exception of our tapers, all our candles are hand poured in our workshop in Sligo; even our miniature favours are individually made. All our candles are finished to the highest standards and have a protective coating of clear wax.

If you see something you like but would prefer if it was slightly different, please contact us and we will tell you if the design can be altered. Most times it can be. Please see the FAQ page for more information. To see the range of candle sizes and colour we make please visit our colour and size page.

While Jennies Candles specialises in weddings, we also personalise candles for all occasions. Everything from christening candles to anniversaries, ordinations to engagements, communions to confirmations, we have made them for just about every event. We have even created candles for a couple of centenary birthdays.

Twelve months ago Jennie started creating her own range of Heraldic Wedding Invitations with family Coats of Arms and Family Crests. A hobby for years she started putting them on Candles several years back and there are many families both in Ireland and abroad where Jennies Heraldic Candles are now the norm forĀ  all the occasions: wedding, christening / baptisms, anniversary, birthdays, reunions etc. Over the years we have continued to add to our data base of family coats of arms and crests which now numbers in the tens of thousands. This means you do not need to supply them or purchase them. If you let us know your family surname (s) we will let you know if a coat of arms for your family name (sometimes there are several) and we will email you copies of them. The great thing about this is you can now get a design to match both your invites and candles.


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